Many individuals have been asking lately if group or individual insurance is better. Typically group is better because of the enhanced doctor networks and reduced cost. Group insurance is tax deductible/tax free, while all individual plans are paid with post tax dollars. If you go with the individual insurance plan option watch our included video on how you can save money on your health care costs.

If your job currently doesn’t offer benefits, send them some of the info on EVCO to see how they can save money and offer benefits. If you are currently a group there are many reasons to switch to EVCO for your benefits offerings:

  • The EVCO experience gives you access to: online benefits, virtual renewals (no more paperwork!), and customized open enrollment videos.
  • You have access to EVCO Enroll. This interactive tool does all your benefits management so you don’t have to worry about anything! Employees can access new hire paperwork, handbooks, information, and much more. This is all set up by EVCO!

For more info on EVCO Enroll, email us.