Health Care Security Ordinance. If you have a San Francisco based company with at least 20 employees you are likely very familiar with the Health Care Security Ordinance (HCSO). This law requires employers to pay a fee to the City for all hours worked by all employees. Have you ever wondered if any employees are using this “coverage” that your hard earned dollars are funding? Considering HealthySF is NOT health insurance and there is absolutely no reporting available from the City to promote usage, it can be assumed that your dollars are going significantly/completely unused.

What’s the alternative? Did you know that any employer contributions to a Group medical, dental and/or vision insurance plan negates the requirement to fund HCSO? This means that you can provide your employees with real health insurance coverage to assist with the continued battle of attracting and retaining the most talented employees, all at no added cost.

Why EVCO insurance? A complexity of this alternative is to provide the exact amount of funding to negate your HCSO liability without spending any more. The fact is that you want your employees to exhaust all of their funding (so you don’t have to account for any shortage & pay HCSO the difference), but this is challenging considering most health insurance plans have different rates for every single age of employee. EVCO’s paperless enrollment platform allows us to create a “Defined Contribution” in the proper funding amount. This results in your employees spending the proper amount of funding on their health insurance plan, and rolling over any unused funds (typically only for younger employees) so they can spend any remaining funds on dental and/or vision.