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What they do:  Zenefits offers an online software for small to medium sized businesses to process many employee management needs. This includes new hire recruiting, paperless onboarding, payroll, benefits management, and other HR needs. History: Zenefits was a disrupter to the insurance industry after raising more than $300 million at a valuation of more than […]

How Do Rx Costs Affect Your Employees?

For several reasons, the cost of prescriptions drugs in the U.S. is higher than any other country. While this is an issue none of us can solve at an individual level, how can you best support your employees with this growing financial burden? The answer: education and a proactive broker. Formulary Consumers simply want to […]

Avoid a Terrible Open Enrollment Experience

Open Enrollment can be a confusing time for employers and employees alike. This is especially true for those companies that use a more manual process when evaluating plans and enrolling employees. Hence, you might currently be frustrated by: Rising costs for seemingly weaker benefits Tough decisions between benefits packages Hosting an open enrollment meeting Communicating […]

Are HSA Plans Becoming Popular Again?

What is an HSA? A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a special savings account that you can only use for your medical needs. It’s tax-advantaged and deposits made are free from federal income tax. The employee, employer or both can make contributions into this account.  In order to qualify to open an HSA, you must […]