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Open Enrollment can be a confusing time for employers and employees alike. This is especially true for those companies that use a more manual process when evaluating plans and enrolling employees. Hence, you might currently be frustrated by:

  • Rising costs for seemingly weaker benefits
  • Tough decisions between benefits packages
  • Hosting an open enrollment meeting
  • Communicating plans or rate changes to employees
  • Receiving and tracking employee benefit changes
  • Managing and submitting all the paper applications for benefits
  • ID cards arriving late
  • Employees wanting to make changes after Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Strategies

There are many ways to combat the yearly frustrations because of Open Enrollment. The most noteworthy ways of streamlining your benefits renewal nightmare include:

  • Outreach and benefits analysis 120 days in advance of renewal
  • Elimination of paper through easy online applications (just click to enroll)
  • Simple benefits data and tracking with a click of a button
  • Better plan communications to employees without an open enrollment meeting
  • Live benefit rates without the need for pulling out a calculator
  • Electronic ID cards in as little as 48 hours from carrier receipt

A Better Way For All

Over 83% of employers state that communication, employee education, and engagement are integral to their overall health benefits delivery strategy. Additionally, almost 89% of employers stated that guided comparison and decision tools were effective in an employee choosing a health plan for their family. Furthermore, the overwhelming majority of employees do prefer an online experience when choosing benefits.

When it comes to a better and easier way of conducting enrollment and renewal decisions, there is nothing more effective than a strong online benefits platform for employees and employers alike. Because this shouldn’t be so difficult, contact brian@evcoinsurance.com for a better open enrollment experience.